Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Laser to scan Robin Hood's prison under Nottingham city

dungeon believed to have housed Robin Hood when he was caught by the Sheriff of Nottingham is to be surveyed using a laser.

It is part of a major project to explore every cave in Nottingham.

Robin Hood is believed to have been held captive in an oubliette (underground dungeon) located at what is now the Galleries of Justice.

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Battle of Prestonpans took place 'further east'

A report has claimed that the Battle of Prestonpans actually took place 500 metres (0.3 miles) further east than previously thought.

A team from the University of Glasgow's Centre for Battlefield Archaeology (Guard) has been working in the area over the last 18 months.

It said the main area of attack happened further east towards Seton, not south of Cockenzie Power Station.

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Archaeological investigation to take place for Nottingham's Robin Hood Month

The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham is holding a special archaeological investigation into the dungeons under Shire Hall.

Experts from Trent and Peak Archaeology, based at the University of Nottingham, have started laser scanning in the hope of discovering exactly when these mysterious dungeons were first carved out of the sandstone rock.

"Now is the time to uncover the mystery that surrounds this grim and eerie space and link the site to Nottingham's most famous outlaw," declared Tim Desmond, Chief Executive of the Galleries of Justice Museum.

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Social Networks for Archaeology

The power and importance of social networks are growing all the time, not least in the field of archaeology.

I thought that it would be useful to compile a list of these sites for archaeology. The list as it stands at the moment can be found here….

Obviously, this list is very incomplete at the moment, so if you know of any archaeological social network site that should be added, please give details on the form here…

Friday, 16 April 2010

New gallery at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre reveals secrets behind Tudor scrap

Two months after the exact location of the bloody 15th century battle which killed King Richard III was officially identified, a new gallery at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre will divulge how experts pinpointed the fatal field alongside a deadly display of weapons and ammunition.

Historians had spent decades debating the true location where Henry Tudor and King Richard clashed on August 22 1485, but a groundbreaking metal detecting survey named the previously unsuspected Fenn Lane field as the definitive spot.

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New Bosworth Battlefield gallery opens

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has officially unveiled a new gallery at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre,Sutton Cheney, near Market Bosworth.

The attraction boasts a range of archaeological objects uncovered at the nearby 15th century battlefield site, which was the scene for the penultimate battle of the War of the Roses in 1485.

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Bosworth battle gallery to open

A new gallery showcasing objects from a 15th Century battlefield site is opening in Leicestershire.

The display at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre will display artillery and bullets from the actual battle.

It shows how archaeologists found the true location of the conflict, centuries after it happened.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Launch of the Online Froissart provides digital access to famous medieval chronicle

A unique website showcasing virtual manuscripts chronicling the Hundred Years´ War was launched online this month thanks to the work of academics from the universities of Sheffield and Liverpool.

The website, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) will offer more than 100 transcriptions from the renowned Chronicles of Jehan Froissart, which provide a unique account of the epic battle between the English and the French.

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