Monday, 15 July 2013

Excavations at Yoros Castle to move to military zone

The only Byzantine castle in Istanbul, Yoros Castle, is once again hosting archaeological excavation teams this year. The team has asked to work in the lower castle part within the military area and is seeking permission from officials

Excavations that began in 2012 in Istanbul’s remaining Byzantine castle, Yoros, could soon continue in a restricted military zone pending approval from army officials. 

“The lower part of the castle is within the borders of the military area, and military housing complexes are there. We want to work in this military area because the castle should be handled as a whole,” said Professor Asnu Bilban Yalçın, who is heading an excavation team of 30 people in collaboration with the Culture and Tourism Ministry and Istanbul University. “The Yoros Castle has historic importance. I believe that we will find many things in the other part. We demand officials give permission for us to work there.”

Yalçın said excavations had started on July 1 this year and that they would work for two months within the castle, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. “We started working with an environmental cleaning. It has taken so long. Then we will start archaeological works.”

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